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Amuse Pika Kyun Laying Down Plush 45cm


Amuse Pika Kyun Laying Down Plush 45cm


Product Description

This is the new Pika Kyun Laying Down series from Amuse.  They come in 3 dreamy pastel colours and are all laying down cutely on their front!  They are so adorable and irresistible in this pose!  Look at those little twitchy ears!  Choose and take home the one that you relate to the most!

This adorable size of plushie is big for cuddles and to decorate your bed, bedroom, home or shelves.  The possibilities are endless.  We love displaying them on our shelves.

Why not collect the whole series or buy one for yourself and one as a gift for your best friend?

Guaranteed authentic Amuse product.

Approximate dimensions: H 27 × W 32 × D 45 cm


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